Naomi Campbell, spicy make-up and “umbilical” neckline [PHOTO]


The well-known top model, undisputed queen of high fashion, Naomi Campbell, reveals her secrets to having flawless skin. Her outfit pierces the target.

Peerless supermodel, Naomi Campbell, began her career in the fashion world in the late 1980s. Its beauty and elegance have made it iconic. She has posed for the most renowned photographers and fashion shows for the most famous brands in the world. There is no look she hasn’t worn. She made herself known not only for her profession and for her overwhelming charm, but also for her strong and charismatic character.

In addition, the supermodel is also a very controversial character. Often and willingly, her face was on the front pages of many American and international newspapers for quite serious events. Indeed, Naomi has been accused several times of mistreatment and violence by her domestic workers. Unfortunately, it’s not the only crime gossip that interests her. Recently, the Netflix documentary concerning the affairs of Jeffrey Epstein revealed the alleged involvement of the model in orgies and parties.

How to get radiant and glowing skin? Campbell reveals it


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The model posted a video in which she is in her bathroom with a friend. According to Naomi, the two have just returned from the beach and are intent on removing make-up. Below they show you all the steps to get beautiful and soft skin.

Obviously, most of her followers focused solely on her outfit. In fact, the supermodel wears a tight white dress that hugs her body showing the right spots. The deep V-shaped furrow is mind-boggling! It manages to make the look sensual, but at the same time elegant.


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The supermodel remembers her friend David Bowie.


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