Hollywood star declares himself cannibal: social messages send chills

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A Hollywood star declares himself a “100%” cannibal: the storm breaks out on social networks, the messages published are creepy

The Hollywood star, you know, are bizarre, often with “vices” more or less wacky, sometimes supported by lifestyle borderline. And it is not infrequently that even the characters portrayed can influence behavior in the real world. We must not forget the emulation, first of all of the best-known colleagues, but also of the protagonists interpreted.

This is perhaps what is happening to Armie Hammer, actor, and star of ” Call them by your name “, even accused of cannibalism by some fans. A popular uprising, considering how it ended up trending on Twitter.

Probably enchanted by the character of Hannibal Lecter, Hammer would have decided to imitate his behavior. In fact, chat messages have been published online with him as a decidedly disturbing protagonist. He would declare himself ” 100% Cannibal “, not really everyday news.

” I have never admitted it so far but I am 100% cannibal ” the text of a message that then continues with ” once I extracted its heart from a living animal and ate it hot ” the creepy phrase.

Cannibal Hollywood star? Statement is awaited

Words that caused indignation and disgust on the part of Internet users who pointed the finger at the actor, who clearly ended up in the storm. However, there are many users who have branded these screens as fake, siding alongside the actor in this sort of media battle that made the actor jump into the trend.

Just Jared, a very famous American website specialized in gossip, would have been the first to launch this bombshell. In addition to cannibalism, in fact, the actor is also accused of vampirism. Armie Hammer, at the moment, has not responded to the accusations but it is desirable that he or his staff can do so quickly also to put an end to this situation which, inevitably, could affect the future work of the star.


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