Giulia De Lellis among trees and plants: her physique is explosive [PHOTO]


Giulia De Lellis is photographed, in great dust, among nature: trees and plants are around her. But she too is striking.

A little bit of nature is what it takes to regenerate our being. In another year that looks similar to that of 2020, perhaps gathering with ourselves would be ideal to be able to survive. And when we gather, the first thing that comes to mind is surely nature, with its beautiful surroundings.

Giulia De Lellis knows this well. The influencer and former competitor of some Italian reality shows gathered in the middle of nature for a truly relaxing weekend. She did not want to hear from anyone and holed up in the midst of lots of greenery, not specifying, however, the place in the caption.

Maybe she wanted to be alone with him. Well yes: De Lellis posts two photos, but in the second she is by no means alone. To keep her company, someone, to whom she really wants to give so much love.

De Lellis among the trees of nature: with her also her dog


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Sweet as honey. Perhaps that is the name of her dog. She, in the photo (the second), is her four-legged friend who keeps them in the company. Giulia shows up with old-style hair, and a dress that highlights her physique, in better shape than ever.

In the first shot, she looks at the horizon, in the second straight in the eyes of her dog. It seems to have spent a weekend full of love. The same that fans pour out for her in the comments of her shots. The De Lellis stops at an altitude of 4.9, points directly to the 5 million followers.


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She seems to have only attention to her dog. Just a day ago she had put another photo, but always with her friend. In bed, they cuddled together and then fell asleep.


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