Elisabetta Canalis trains with gloves: what abdominals! [VIDEO]


Elisabetta Canalis trains with a very tight sporty outfit that highlights her curves and her sculpted abs, crazy fans

Elisabetta Canalis returns to inflame the web, a few hours ago through some Instagram Stories she showed herself while boxing. Her perfect physical shape did not go unnoticed by her many and loyal followers, in the videos she wears really tight tops and pants that highlight her breathtaking curves. She also wears boxing gloves.

The beautiful showgirl has always cared a lot about her physical form, she has always been training and striving to have a fabulous body. Canalis is wonderful and her body is sculpted, from the videos posted yesterday she shows screaming shapes, even her abs are sculpted.

Once again  Elisabetta Canalis has managed to send the web into a tailspin with its incredible beauty and sensuality. In fact, even while she trains she is gorgeous, her beauty never makes her go unnoticed.

Elisabetta Canalis gorgeous and sensual while she trains, web in delirium

Elisabetta Canalis has been absent from television for a long time, but she always manages to win the attention and affection of many fans. On her Instagram profile, she is very followed and loved, to date she has 2.8 million followers. Her shots are always full of likes and comment full of compliments, especially when she posts sensual and provocative photos and videos.

Even while she trains, the showgirl sends the web into a frenzy with her super tight sports outfits that highlight her screaming curves. Yesterday on her Instagram profile she posted some stories where she trains with boxing gloves. The eyes of the fans immediately fell on her fabulous body, not even her sculpted abs went unnoticed.

The beauty of  Elisabetta Canalis is timeless, at the age of 42 the former tissue of  Striscia in fact the news is still beautiful and in perfect shape. Her many followers never miss an opportunity to remind her how wonderful she is.


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