“Diletta Leotta is with him”: the sensational indiscretion goes around the web


New love for Diletta Leotta, who seems to have gotten engaged to the well-known Turkish actor, Can Yaman: the indiscretion comes from the Radio

The past relationship with Daniele Scardina, which ended not very well, would seem to be outdated by now for the beautiful Diletta Leotta. After months of separation from the well-known Italian boxer, the showgirl is still single and on the square, but now it seems to have found love again. The new possible flame would be Can Yaman, a Turkish actor who is currently in Italy, who is very much loved by the Italian public for the fiction ‘Day Dreamer’. Even he, despite the many fans, is still single, but between him and the host of Dazn, there could be some tenderness. The indiscretion that drives fans of the showgirl and the actor’s fans crazy comes from a well-known presenter on the radio.

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman engaged: Anna Pettinelli launches the scoop

Just eleven days before the start of the new year we may have already found the couple of 2021. To form it would be Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, two sex symbols that drive the Italian people crazy. The sensational indiscretion was launched by Anna Pettinelli, professor of the ‘Amici’ program and radio host of  RDS. Just during his radio program, Pettinelli declares that the Turkish actor is the presenter of Daznthey would be seen together these days with lots of kisses. News that of course at the moment does not find confirmation, except in the fact that the actor in these days is in the same hotel where the presenter is staying. He is in Italy to shoot an advertising spot directed by Ferzan Ozpetek and which also stars Claudia Gerini. Perhaps this coincidence has made love between the two sex symbols blossom. So the couple for the new year could be born from the meeting at the hotel.