Chiara Nasti, that shirt leaves nothing to the imagination [PHOTOS]


Chiara Nasti shows up with a really risque shirt that leaves nothing to the imagination: even the pose isn’t bad at all. 

Succulent dresses, on Instagram, you see a lot of them. Especially nowadays, between photos, shots, videos, and stories. To delight, with these images, are above all the showgirls, models, and influencers of the moment. Every moment of the day is the decisive one to show off and appear in all their beauty.

Chiara Nasti also knows this well. In the last time, it has established a lot in the field of influencers. Her profile grows every day, reaching incredible odds. With 1.7 million followers, it doesn’t intend to stop its run.

A race that found a real obstacle in the last shot. The obstacle is for followers who no longer know where to look. Very beautiful in all, but the shirt she wears in the last shot says it all. The Nasti is again in black.

All in black: the Nasti shirt puts the chills


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It is found on the stairs of the house. Never misses the appointment with the shot of the day. The clothing she chooses is completely black: shoes, pants, and a shirt. But it is precisely the latter that leaks something that leaves its followers breathless.

Nasti leaves nothing to the imagination of her fans. She puts the balcony in plain sight and everyone comes to comment as they see fit. There are those who focus on the look, some on the shoes, and those who… play a bit of a rascal, albeit with great moderation.


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And to think that the year always started in black, but with fewer clothes on. Or rather: the clothes were really short, for the start of 2021 with a real bang. Then, given the cold, Nasti will have thought about covering up a bit. Or maybe he’s just getting ready for some more hot, surprise shots!