Belen Rodriguez, the artistic PHOTO drives fans crazy: “You are a goddess!”


The beautiful Belen Rodriguez returns to fascinate the people of social networks, who with an artistic photo in black and white sends followers in raptures

Continue to discuss the bag sported by the splendid Belen Rodriguez in recent days on Instagram. In fact, the showgirl posted a photo of a bag, precisely a crocodile Hermes Kelly, which would cost about 30 thousand euros. The fans did not like the way to flaunt their wealth, thus causing the controversy.

Today, however, the beautiful Argentine tries to be forgiven with a post on her Instagram profile that leaves everyone breathless. The black and white artistic photo hits the mark and drives social media people crazy.

Belen Rodriguez, post in black and white: the artistic photo displaces social networks

Always spectacular Belen Rodriguez when she decides to show herself to her followers. In fact, her photos shared on Instagram confirming the fact that she is one of the most loved showgirls in Italy, with the likes that always reach very high peaks.

Even today she decides to surprise everyone with a post that combines the artistic with the sensual. In fact, on her official profile, she shares a photo in which she poses in black and white with a fairly casual outfit all in black. Sitting on a metal box, she turns her gaze elsewhere, as if to be desired even more. The bare feet, the tank top, and the leggings are all sensual elements that her followers certainly do not miss. Although the sharing of the post took place a few minutes ago, an avalanche of likes immediately arrives that leads the photo to exceed 60 thousand likes, as expected.