Valentina Vignali in the bathtub: “Salt and sugar…” [PHOTO]


Valentina Vignali, in the bathtub, launches a provocation. Who will it be addressed to? Meanwhile, the atmosphere is getting hot.

The beautiful Valentina Vignali made her followers’ afternoon very pleasant. On Instagram, she posted a post with two photographs taken during a bath in the tub. To cover its forms only a costume and a lot of foam.

Vignali wanted to dampen the boredom of a Sunday afternoon in the orange zone by launching a provocation that, in reality, took a second-place compared to its beauty.

Valentina Vignali “between salt and sugar …”

To whom will the warning be addressed? ” Beware of people you trust, salt and sugar seem the same thing .” She wrote this in the post that accompanied her shots. Surely the recipient will have caught the message, the followers of the basketball player and model instead preferred to focus on something else.

In fact, among the comments, no one dwelt on the sentence, but most of those who spoke preferred to make ironic and mischievous jokes about the fact that in the bathtub she was wearing the costume.

In the evening the news to the followers

La Vignali, the lover of sushi, has published this evening some stories in which dinner based on Japanese. She then took the opportunity to break the good news to fans. Her boyfriend, Lorenzo Orlandi, will be a partner in a new sushi place that will open shortly in Rome.

“ Sushi free every night ” celebrated Valentina who seems to have already put behind her the disappointment shown in her bitter/sweet taste.