Oppini ‘unmasks’ Pierpaolo Petrelli: “He’s been looking for him since he entered”


The harsh criticism of Francesco Oppini arrives, who from outside the house of the GF Vip unmasks Pierpaolo Petrelli with heavy statements about his intentions

In the house of GF Vip there continue to be many changes, especially on an emotional level, with the competitors who continue to tighten their relationships. The relational part is above all the part that most influenced Pierpaolo Petrelli’s path, who in the first part of the experience got very close to Elisabetta Gregoraci with some stolen kisses, but then she didn’t want to know. Then once Giulia Salemi enters the house, the former Avelino throws herself on her and begins a ‘knowledge’ with her. To attack his way of doing from outside the house is Francesco Oppini, who decides to unmask him by declaring to Radio Radio: “He is a good boy, but he was looking for a relationship from before entering the house. There is nothing wrong with that, it can be a strategy ”.

Francesco Oppini unmasks Pierpaolo Petrelli: words also on Elisabetta Gregoraci

Inside Big Brother Vip Pierpaolo Petrelli continues to win the hearts of women in the home. After the ‘relationship’ with Elisabetta Gregoraci, in recent weeks he has become very close to Giulia Salemi. This behavior does not seem to find the approval of Francesco Oppini, who from outside the house speaks of his friend Gregoraci and declares: “Elisabetta is a friend of mine and I’m sorry to see how Pierpaolo made copy-paste between her and Salemi”. Doubts continue to arise about the veracity of what the former veil could feel for Giulia, also because recently she had declared that she still felt something for the ex-girlfriend Ariadna, a woman with whom he has a child. We will see in the next episode of Big Brother if the two will face the question face to face, something that Signorini will not miss.