Lite Stefania Orlando-Tommaso Zorzi, then her revelation nails her


During a party organized by the Gf Vip in honor of Dayane Mello, a quarrel breaks out between Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando. The influencer unmasks the friend.

It was supposed to be a fun night out and instead, it ended in tragedy. Yet another quarrel has broken out between Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando. The two friends seem unable to find a meeting point in recent weeks and misunderstandings continue to increase.

Yesterday, the Gf Vip, organized a party in honor of Dayane Mello, the theme was Brazil. During the evening, the 25-year-old, seeing the Brazilian completely alone, decided to take matters into his own hands and involve her. It seems that this gesture has not been frowned upon by the Babylonian singer who has put on a scene of jealousy with all the trimmings.

 Zorzi confides his doubts on Orlando’s honesty to Capriotti

The following morning, the influencer is at the table with Cecilia Capriotti and tells her what happened the previous evening. At one point, however, she confides something really hot to her friend. It seems that Orlando has asked the 25-year-old, on a certain occasion, to feign a fight. But later she told him to forget the conversation. In response, Cecilia stated that she also received the same proposal from Stefania, but she refused.

In short, some doubts are surfacing regarding the honesty of the singer who was accused by Tommaso and Capriotti. In addition, the influencer also spoke of his doubts about Orlando to Maria Teresa Ruta, a great friend of Stefania, and to Samantha De Grenet. The balances, established at the beginning of the path, are starting to crumble. Will it be the end of the great friendship between the influencer and the singer? Is Orlando just a great strategist and fake all the time? We have to wait for a confrontation between the two which will surely take place on Monday live nationally.


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