Laura Cremaschi holds on to the slip: the “neckline” is sensational [PHOTO]


Laura Cremaschi keeps her briefs: a heart attack photo on Instagram, the crazy fans. And that rogue tattoo is off-limits to the faint of heart

She is one of the most loved and followed influencers in Italy, “Cremaschina” is the nickname of Laura Cremaschi, also the star of “Avanti un Altro”, the pre-evening quiz of Canale 5 which will be broadcast starting next March. Former Bonas in the broadcast, then replaced by Sara Croce, Cremaschi entered the mini mondo, just by taking on the role (few to tell the truth) of the web influencer.

Born in 1987 and former temptress of Temptation Island Vip, she entered the fashion world at a very young age, and in 2006, just 19 years old, she became Miss Padania, she from Bergamo. Lover of the world of football, she becomes popular on the web with sexy predictions, a path previously taken also by Marika Fruscio and Lucia Javorcekova.

On her body, she writes the results of football matches and begins to win the attention of fans until she is noticed by the production of Avanti un Altro that brings her to TV. And with Paolo Bonolis she also took part in an episode of the latest edition of Ciao Darwin, needless to say, in the web category.

Laura Cremaschi, crazy bikinis


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Very active, of course, on Instagram, Laura Cremaschi boasts just under a million followers. Placed in a continuous rhythm and, clearly, the subject is always her splendid body, very little dressed. Her bikini images are commonplace, but she recently posted a photo in which she appears next to Claudia Ruggeri, a “colleague” to Avanti un Altro.

A crazy photo, both in bra, for a truly heavenly show. Sweatpants and “all-out” to the delight of the followers, given the two super decollete. In a dressing gown or bikini, Cremaschi always shows something, between breasts and backside.

Her bikinis, on the other hand, are very high-cut, and there are many inches of skin on display, even in the most “intimate” areas. In the last photo published, she wears a white swimsuit that enhances her splendid shapes and also something more; on the right side, in fact, we can clearly see a tattoo that goes down to the groin, for a photo forbidden to the faint of heart.


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