Kylie Jenner creates a case after some “suspicious” unfollows on Instagram


American influencer Kylie Jenner was embroiled in a media storm. Some followers, in fact, have noticed a series of suspicious unfollows.

One of the most famous characters of the American star system returns to ignite the web. The youngest of the Kardashian / Jenner household, Kylie, was involved in a media case. It is not the first time that the entrepreneur is at the center of the world of gossip. In fact, one of the most striking moments was when she announced she was pregnant. At the time, the girl was only 21 years old.

She managed to keep her pregnancy hidden until the moment she decided to share it with her followers in person. A feat that we could define as historic as all the Kardashian / Jenner sisters are constantly under the scrutiny of paparazzi and fans. Lately, it has returned to be talked about for a mass unfollow that has unleashed the web.

The end of the friendship between Kylie Jenner and singer Rosalia


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It seems the new year has started with a new whim from little Jenner. In fact, by checking her Instagram profile you can see that the number of people followed has dropped significantly. Now the entrepreneur follows only 33 accounts, including several pages dedicated to her, all her family, and some friends. Obviously, the web went crazy and immediately began the investigation.

Many were surprised to discover that among the very few profiles followed by Kylie, that of the singer Rosalia is missing. Has their friendship come to an end? There is still no official news, but speculations regarding their relationship have not been lacking.


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Meanwhile, the little girl from the Kardashian / Jenner family spent relaxing moments with her family, sharing the Christmas holidays with her family.


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