Chiara Ferragni publishes her 2 children: striking similarity! [PHOTOS]


Chiara Ferragni shared a post on Instagram today with her 2 children in comparison. Virtually identical: emotional fans

Chiara  Ferragni wanted to compare, with the post shared today 10 January, the ultrasound scans of Leone and her second daughter. The birth of her long-awaited “baby girl” is just around the corner, and everyone in the Ferragnez house is shivering, from the future mother to Fedez, including little Leone. The two photos compared in reality, made the woman shiver, which underlined the resounding similarity.

Two drops of water practically, the older brother and her future little sister. Meanwhile, Chiara continues to share the progress of her pregnancy on social media, as well as her son’s pranks. Busy life for the influencer, who always divides very skillfully between family and work, now more than ever

Chiara Ferragni and a comparison of ultrasound: two drops of water

Who knows if once born the newcomer will be a copy of her brother Leone. Judging by the ultrasound scans shared by mother Ferragni, at the moment it would seem so. The well  known fashion-blogger has been sharing for days the new ultrasound scans of her future baby, leaving everyone speechless at the resemblance to her future little brother.

In fact, yesterday Chiara had pointed out how the ultrasound had immortalized her daughter while she hinted at a smile. Today, January 10, however, the woman focused on the similarity with her son. Always the protagonist of her Leone posts in the last days, while at Ferragnez we can’t wait to embrace the newcomer.


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