The Beckhams celebrate in Miami: New Year’s Eve creates chaos


The Beckham family in the spotlight for celebrating New Year’s Eve in Miami: some say they violated the rules heavily.

The law and the rules are the same for everyone. Or at least they should be so since we have “taken strength” of some human rights that are no longer negligible. Then, however, there are always those who transgress them and try to get away with it. Especially if there’s a nice booty in your pocket that makes you act anonymously or in the shadows.

In the last few hours, in the UK, someone wants an extra explanation. According to reports from the Daily Mail, a well-known English tabloid, the complete Beckham family would have flown to Miami to celebrate New Year‘s Eve in a 30 million euro villa. A truly luxurious property owned by Nelson Peltz, father of Nicola Peltz, that is, the future bride from Brooklyn, the couple’s eldest son.

The two will get married next year, as they have already announced on their respective social profiles. A way to be close to families. But a flight, the one across the Channel, which does not seem to have respected the anti-Covid-19 rules. The Beckhams’ version, however, seems to exonerate them and affirm something else entirely.

In Miami for work: the Beckham family doesn’t talk about New Year’s Eve

A flight already planned for months. That of David and Vittoria, complete with children on board. Seems a bit odd, but it’s the version that was always given in the last few hours. The former Manchester United footballer had business appointments regarding his team that plays in the MLS, Inter Miami, already involved in the past, after being mentioned by another Inter, that of Milan.

A flight departing on Christmas day itself, in order to circumvent the lockdown and the strict rules in force during the holidays. The case still remains a mystery and in the next few hours, they expect decisive clarifications, especially from the former football star, who does not seem to have made a great impression.

A friend, meanwhile, interviewed by The Sun and remained anonymous would confirm the thesis of the entire family: “David and Victoria had planned this trip for months. He was supposed to be in January for the start of the MLS championship. He is helping the team to grow, looking for new players ”.


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