Martina Stella unbuttons her jacket and makes you dream: “Waiting for the sun” [PHOTO]


Actress Martina Stella has posted photos where sensuality comes first. She is waiting for the sun, but she is radiant!

The hope that the sun will return soon seems to be further away but just look at Martina Stella’s profile to immediately feel better. Also waiting for a sunny day, the beautiful actress posted some photos with an amazing outfit. It looks great on her and the pants are perfect for her body: they highlight her curves.

But the thing fans liked the most is the jacket, turned upside down to put its beautiful back in the foreground. This is what he told his audience: “ Waiting for the Sun. It’s one of my favorite The Doors songs, which in my opinion, represents the mood of all of us… we are waiting for this dark period to end”. The hope that unites everyone!

Martina Stella, her confession

It seems that the actress particularly cares about this difficult time for everyone and the Christmas period was almost a nightmare. Martina, like many of her colleagues, spends a lot of time on social media and uses Instagram as a means to be even closer to her fans. A public that from what appears from its posts, seems to love it very much.

So the beautiful actress has decided to confide in them by making a confession about what she is feeling. ” We are rediscovering the immense value of every little moment lived with our loved ones, full of love and affection “. These are the words used by Martina to make her supporters understand how important it is to have close relatives or people who love us.

From this situation, we must learn something that previously escaped us, such as the importance of affections and closeness. The same one that we cannot have today due to restrictions, but above all, due to Covid. Her followers have really appreciated, especially her immense sensuality. By now, Martina has become a real social star!