Lucia Javorcekova astride the hammock: the bikini explodes [PHOTO]


The sun returns to shine in Lucia Javorcekova’s “home”: the Slovenian model is immortalized in the hammock with a bikini that is nothing short of explosive.

There are those who just don’t want to resign themselves to winter. And in fact, all the wrongs would not have them, this elusive someone. There are those who like to cover up to the neck and go out with big coats and scarves (even if they don’t really talk about going out these days) and those who like summer all year round.

Of course, to have summer all year round you need to have a fairly easy life if we can say so. Either travel for work or be photographed for work. This last sentence can very well be compared to the Slovenian model Lucia Javorcekova. She, of winter, just does not want to know.

More and more popular, thanks also to her official Instagram channel which has reached almost 2 million followers, for a period now she has delighted all those who follow her on social networks with shots on the beach, along the shore, or directly in the waters of a very transparent sea.

Javorcekova swings in the hammock: to hit even her bikini

Don’t opt ​​for any close-ups this time. But, even if in the distance, she always appears in great shape. The Slovenian model, also well known in Italy for having launched some catchphrases such as “scale” and “mozzarellone”, does not fit the winter period at all.

In fact, for some time now it can be found on the beaches of Mexico, which seems to have become another country to which Javorcekova seems to have grown very fond. She straddles the hammock and before relaxing, she lets herself be immortalized in a shot showing a rather “explosive” bikini.

Between close-ups and distant shots. Between a hammock and the water’s edge. Between the flat sea and the waves. Lucia tries them all, always ready to show off for a summer shot. Woe to mention winter with her.