Laura Barriales hot teacher version: she sticks them like this [VIDEO]

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The Spanish model and actress, Laura Barriales, shows up on Instagram in a really hot video: she takes on the role of the hot teacher. There is someone to beat.

We don’t always play good. There is little to say on this subject: the perfect man or woman does not exist. And if they say they exist, they’re already lying. Who can say of himself that he is perfect if he does not lie while affirming it? And then, for every lie told, a blow to the hands like in the old days. As it happened in schools, in fact, of the past.

Laura Barriales knows it well . The Spanish actress, presenter and model appeared on the official Instagram channel , which today has 333 thousand followers , as a hot teacher . With a lot of wand in hand, but certainly not the magic one.

But what is needed to “punish” bad boys who do not know how to put their hands in their place or, more often than not, even their eyes. In short, if you have to beat someone up, you can very well call the Barriales. She herself proves it.

A stern teacher: Barriales wands two bad boys at her feet


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She, in the caption, says: “It looks like the beginning of a movie. In reality I was educating the boys ” . Here, in fact: if, in the end, it does not seem like the beginning of a film, it can still appear as the beginning of a really spicy clip where Laura perfectly embodies the role of the teacher sever a, but also dressed in a somewhat risque .

The reason for the reproach is the look of the bad boys at her legs and skirt. It can not be done! For this on his knees, with his hands crossed, ready to be placed in front of the eyes of the teacher in case of a beating. A perfectly successful sketch. Although, someone, as soon as they turn the corner, continues to see!

The last shot as a short clip, in which she appeared, was the one between the old and the new year. Barriales greets 2020 and welcomes 2021 with a dress that is always very risque and complete with a glass in hand full of wine.


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