Antonella Mosetti sitting on the table is beautiful: the PHOTO enchants the web


Antonella Mosetti amazes all her fans with the latest photo published on her Instagram profile. The showgirl sitting on the table highlights her extraordinary beauty: below the post and details

Antonella Mosetti is absolutely irresistible in the last shot published on her Instagram profileThe showgirl in jeans and top drives all followers crazy highlighting her extraordinary beauty. In the 90s the success of Mosetti absolutely exploded. In fact, she manages to find a great deal of space in ‘Non è la Rai’, a broadcast created by Gianni Boncompagni. She is one of the most beloved of the cast because of her extraordinary beauty and finds so much prominence that it gives an important boost to her career.

From there she begins, in fact, to work as an actress and above all as a presenter. She remembers her participation in ‘There was a Chinese in coma’, a film by Carlo Verdone. There are also many famous broadcasts in which she is hired as the main driver and face. It can be remembered in ‘Paperissima Sprint’, but also in ‘Casa Rai Uno’ or ‘La Domenica del Villaggio’. Mosetti has made an important return to the fore in recent years after her participation in ‘Big Brother Vip’, a well-known program broadcast on Mediaset networks.

Antonella Mosetti irresistible sitting on the table: fans in delirium

Mosetti caught the attention of fans with the latest post on Instagram. In high jeans and a tight top, sitting on a table, she highlights her stunning shapes. In the caption, she also writes “Hair”, underlining the perfect hairstyle chosen and shown on the occasion of the post. Fans can only appreciate her extraordinary beauty, filling her with hearts and emoticons with kisses. There are also those who go further and decide to launch into a decided ” You are wonderful”. Below is the post in question.


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