Wanda Nara, family picture and special guest: “Our passion” [PHOTO]


A nice family picture was posted on social media by Wanda Nara. In the company of her husband and children, there is also a guest in the photo

Recently, Wanda Nara has decided to put aside sexy photos to dedicate herself to decidedly more sober shots. Thanks to the return to her beloved Argentina, but above all, to the closeness of her family. Her latest post, instead of giving off a great sensuality, gives a great sense of family union.

In the company of her husband Mauro Icardi, Wanda has decided to pass on her great passion for horses to her children. The post seems to be a real family picture. Her fans also commented with words full of sweetness. This time Luciana Littizzetto can’t say anything!


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Wanda and Luciana Littizzetto. Costanzo also has her say

The media “clash” between Wanda Nara and Luciana Littizzetto has been going on for some time now. Among the first to take the presenter’s defense is Elisabetta Canalis. To say her opinion on what happened, or rather on Luciana’s words on the hot photos of Icardi’s wife, there is also Maurizio Costanzo.

After Wanda Nara has seen fit to go through legal channels for what Littizzetto said, the presenter has decided to reply through one of the monologues, and to do so she used these words: “May heaven bless the women who know how to laugh at them. Those who get fooled because this is true equality. A comedian may make an exaggerated joke, but sexism is something else. “

The comedian also stressed the fact that sexism is not what she thinks, it is made up of hatred against women, of discrimination in the workplace. She is free to post whatever she wants because if someone had stopped her from doing it, that would have been real sexism.

Maurizio Costanzo in her weekly Nuovo TV defined Wanda’s reaction as exaggerated, because when someone publishes their photos, they must then also accept that someone can raise criticisms. But this is part of the game.