Valentina Vignali underwear model: tattoos can be seen all [PHOTO]


Valentina Vignali continues to inflame social media with her seductive shots. The photo in underwear causes massacres: simply beautiful

Valentina Vignali continues to amaze everyone with her seductive shots. Last, but not least, the one shared this afternoon on Instagram. As is now customary, the basketball player showed off in her underwear, showing off her wonderful curves and even some well tattoos. Now fully immersed in the collaboration with Victoria Secret’s, Vignali continues to advertise her intimate outfits, and what better platform than Instagram?

From its 2.3 million followers, the basketball player loaned to the fashion world has now published a post with two pictures, one more charming than the other, in a lingerie outfit that left little to the imagination. “Definitely the most comfortable of the collection”, he added in the caption, accompanying the post with a heart next to the writing.

Valentina Vignali in underwear is a bomb: crazy fans in the comments

It’s certainly not the first spicy post the model shares on her profile, but fans never seem to get used to it. As usual, the photos have been very successful on social media. Ben 40 thousand like in a few minutes and the Vignali already 150 comments. There are those who obviously indulge in some compliments and those who share a simple emoticon. The fact remains that the model continues to conquer everyone and dominate the social scene.

For a few weeks, such spicy content has not been seen on her page, in recent days Valentina has in fact dedicated herself to other partnerships and winter clothing advertisements, with some shots under the snow.