Ursula Bennardo in pajamas is very sweet: “Let’s end up like this” [PHOTO]


The successful beautician, Ursula Bennardo, ends the day in her pajamas. Then comes the question for all of her followers in the company of someone.

The holidays are over go in peace? No. The holidays are over and now we’re on a diet for a while. Even if many of us have not spent them with loved ones, the holidays always remain a “high” point where you can eat a little more. Just a little though.

And, as has been said for years now, the Epiphany takes all holidays away. A real shame especially for the little ones who live a truly magical moment throughout the Christmas period. But before taking them away, some socks arrive from the Befana.

A sock that does not seem to have arrived yet, or perhaps it will have reached its destination in the late hours of the day, in Ursula Bennardo’s home. The beautician, who has participated in several reality shows, one of them together with her partner Sossio Aruta, let herself go in a moment of extreme sweetness.

Pajamas do not hide beauty: Ursula Bennardo cuddles her daughter


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Two shots together with the baby of the house. Ursula Bennardo expresses all her sweetness with a lot of home pajamas. In the shot, she is seen hugging her daughter while taking a selfie towards the end of the holidays.

The sock does not seem to have arrived yet. Maybe someone, who is certainly not the Befana, is late with the purchase of some sweets to put inside a very long and very sweet sock. The two wait anxiously and ask the followers if they have received something from “their” Befana.


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Lately, she uploads some images in the company of her beloved daughter. In this post she lets herself go into a long reflection on what was catastrophic in 2020, and on what she hopes 2021 will be.