Stefano De Martino reveals: “With her it was not a failure”


Stefano De Martino returns to talk about his private life, talking about a great love of his life, he makes it known that the breakup was not a failure

We return to talk about  Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, their beautiful love story for years has fascinated many fans. After the end of their marriage, many continued to hope for their reconciliation, last year the two had decided to give their relationship another chance but things did not go as they hoped.

On social media they showed themselves more in love and happy than ever. Their love story seemed to be going well but during the lockdown scheduled for the Coronavirus emergency, they said goodbye again. Rodriguez announced their breakup, De Martino has always preferred to remain silent.

On several occasions  Stefano De Martino has made it known that he no longer intends to make his private life known, he prefers to keep the strictest confidentiality on his personal sphere. The former Amici dancer likes to talk only about his professional life. Interviewed by Chi, however, he returned to talk about his ex-wife.

Stefano De Martino talks about his current relationship with Belen

For months we have been talking about the end of the love story between  Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez. Although it didn’t work out between them, the well-known conductor doesn’t see their breakup as a failure.

In the interview with the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, De Martino made it known that the end of his marriage with Belen does not represent a failure for him. He then added that it never is if the union is complete and has led to something beautiful such as a child.

Stefano De Martino then wanted to clarify that today things between him and Belen are really good, they do their best and they are fine. At the moment Rodriguez seems to be very much in love with her new boyfriend, but many fans continue to hope to see her again one day with Stefano. Among them, there will be another flashback? We cannot yet know this, over time we will discover what turns their relationship will take.