Salt Bae, what a syringe! “I found the vaccine” [VIDEO]


Salt Bae has a great start to the year and, as usual, on social media, it never ceases to amaze. Today on Instagram no celebrity in any of his restaurants: only him who finds the right “vaccine”.

Salt Bae takes the ball and, while the whole world is talking about the Covid vaccine, the well-known entrepreneur/butcher takes advantage of it for yet another commercial gimmick. The Turkish restaurateur, who has opened restaurants all over the world in recent years, is not new to surprises and bizarre ideas, testifying directly through his Instagram profile. After hosting dozens and dozens of celebrities in its restaurants, including singers, footballers, politicians, and more, this time Salt Bae ” trespasses ” in the medical field but does it in its own way.

In fact, in one of the latest social posts published, the Turkish entrepreneur tinkers with two syringes full of tasty sauce with which to season hamburgers. The butcher, however, literally decides to ” vaccinate ” his two sandwiches by injecting the liquid directly into the bread, showing a pouring as abundant as it is tasty. The reference caption ” They found the vaccine ” is definitely relevant to the historical moment we are living in.

Salt Bae, the start of the year with Gianni Infantino


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One of the most loyal customers of Salt Bae’s restaurants is certainly Gianni Infantino. The president of FIFA, the world’s top football organization, often visits the premises of the most famous Turkish butcher on the planet when he can. He also did so recently, at the beginning of the year, at his restaurant in Dubai. In the UAE, the Covid emergency does not appear as serious as in much of the rest of the world, to the point that many celebrities are traveling there to avoid European restrictions and lockdowns.


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Gianni Infantino did it too a few days ago: all obviously testify through the Instagram page of Salt Bae, who shared two videos with the head of world football.


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