Sabrina Salerno to go crazy for the Epiphany: neckline to scream [PHOTO]


Sabrina Salerno drives fans crazy with the latest photos posted on her Instagram profile. The showgirl never ceases to capture the attention and on the occasion of the Epiphany she highlights a screaming neckline

Sabrina Salerno follows up her great success with continuous publications on her Instagram profile. The showgirl once again attracts attention with her stunning body and has no intention of stopping, rather she is expanding her following day by day. Salerno was born in Genoa in 1968 and had great success between the 80s and 90s, becoming a true icon in the world of pop and dance in Italy.

It managed to secure a large slice of the public abroad, also conquering several highly coveted goals. For example, she managed to rank third in the UK ranking behind such sacred monsters. It was also highlighted at the ‘Sanremo Festival’ with ‘Siamo Donne’ in 1991, conquering all the public. Albums like ‘Sabrina’, ‘Super’ and ‘Over the Pop’ are still iconic today and remain indelible in the history of the showgirl.

Sabrina Salerno absolutely breathtaking for the Epiphany: screaming photos

Salerno is currently very active also on her Instagram profile where she usually posts absolutely breathtaking photos, alternating with images of everyday life. She also loves showing off before or after her many workouts, as she is a great lover of fitness and wellness. In the latest photos published on the day of the Epiphany, Salerno is absolutely irresistible. The wide neckline drives fans crazy who are delighted by the shots. In one of the images, moreover, she portrays herself while she is holding the steering wheel of the GTS turbo 208. And the fans can only compliment the comments with words like “Beautiful” or “You are always a turbo”.


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