Rossella Fiamingo arrives on TV: the look to go crazy [PHOTOS]


The sportswoman Rossella Fiamingo lands on TV at Quelli che il Calcio and gives viewers a dizzying look. Let’s find out together the brands he has chosen.

Italian fencer Rossella Fiamingo was the first in Italy to win an Olympic medal in her category, at the Rio Games in 2016. She has two world gold medals, won in Kazan in 2014 and in Moscow in 2015, a girl who has dedicated her entire life to sports. Since the age of 7, she is a pupil of Giovanni Sperling, in 2017 she joined the Carabinieri Sports Center. But sport and the sword are not only her only passion, not many know that the champion has a diploma in piano at the Conservatory.

The Flamingo last year definitively closed its history with the swimming champion Luca Dotto. The couple had been together since 2010, except they broke up for a short time in 2012 due to an alleged betrayal by her. They had found harmony and really seemed the perfect couple, but not all fairy tales have a happy ending. In 2019, the couple broke up and the fencer has been single since then.

Between the fencer Rossella Fiamingo and Diletta Leotta there would be no rivalry

Rossella has published a new photo showing her look for “ Quelli che il Calcio ” where she was a guest, showing herself in a slightly different outfit. We are used to seeing the champion in all or under the fencing visor, but lately, Fiamingo is making itself known for other sides of her personality. Very often in the comments, you can read comments and comparisons with the Leotta, but between the two there would be no rivalry indeed they are very friends.

Last year, the two challenged Pio and Amedeo to train with them during the jog. 2020 was particularly heavy for the athlete who has seen the dream of Tokyo fade and he had to stop for the whole year. It was a hard blow, she called herself ” a caged lioness “, but she also stressed that this was not the time to give up. Despite the postponed plan, Fiamingo has always spoken with profound respect for the situation, everything fails in the face of death.

L ‘ Italy can not wait to see her on the platform, where it is usual to give us many joys and soddisfazoni.