Mara Venier, dedicates it to Adriano Celentano for his 82nd birthday [PHOTO]


Mara Venier, with a post on Instagram, wanted to pay homage to Adriano Celentano on the occasion of his 82nd birthday. The special dedication 

The great Adriano Celentano turns 82 today, January 6Singer, actor, showman, presenter, and musician. A maestro, one of the last great artists left on the Italian stage. On the occasion of his birthday, many illustrious greetings to the artist. Special dedication also came from her lifelong friend Mara Venier, with a post on Instagram.

A simple post, no long dedications, but which conveys great sweetness and harmony between the two. In the post, a photo of them hugging together, when it was still legal to do so. In the caption a simple: “Happy birthday Adriano”, enriched by two emoticons, a cake, and a heart. Fans have responded in large numbers to the post of the presenter, with 25 thousand likes and almost a thousand comments of good wishes for Adriano Celentano.

Adriano Celentano is 82 years old: Rosita’s greetings on Instagram


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In addition to Mara Venier, a historical friend of Adriano Celentano, her daughter Rosita also joined in the wishes for her father. The post, shared this morning, is a real tribute to the father’s career and his life as a parent. Along thanks to all the teachings, with a very tender photo in which Celentano holds his children in his arms while shaving his beard.

Not surprisingly, Rosita wanted to remember that moment immortalized in an old family photo. A moment that has remained etched in the woman’s memory, who then thanks Adriano for his role as father and his life-changing phrases“I remember how it was yesterday when I was enchanted watching you shave – he writes in the caption – Best wishes dad, I always love you”


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