Kim Kardashian, big problems with Kanye West: the situation


The problems continue in the West house. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West would be on the verge of a crisis: the couple’s situation

There is no respite for the couple Kim Kardashian Kanye West. The two, after yet another marital problems, would be on the verge of a not very long but turbulent marriage. The problems, if they can be defined as such, would have started – according to a source of People Magazine – from the showgirl, fed up with her husband’s behavior, starting from his presidential candidacy.

According to other US sources, however, the couple is going through a period of crisis, but not exaggerated. The presence of a marriage counselor has been verified by many American tabloid newspapers, while the most pessimistic are already talking about divorce. The marriage of the two American celebrities gave birth to 4 children in 7 years of union, North 7 years, Chicago and Psalm 2 years and Saint 5 years.

Kardashian West, divorce on the way ?: Need space and time

You need some space and time to think, Kim Kardashian. The difficult relationship with her husband Kanye West would be at loggerheads, after the many reckless behaviors of her husband. It all started last summer when the well-known rapper decided to run for the presidential elections of the United States (to support Trump). A choice not fully shared by his wife, also considering what was officially declared by the man during his “meetings”.

The most striking definitely in Charleston, in Carolina of the South, when the man in the grip of a clear delirium, between tears and personal dramas, turned out to thousands of spectators in the audience strictly personal facts about his family and the relationship with Kim, including even a woman’s abortion. Could it really be the end for couples?