Kanye West separates from Kardashian: Jeffrey Star is to blame


The reason for the divorce between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would be Jeffrey Star. The confession of a famous tik toker goes around the web.

The news of the divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has shocked 2021, but perhaps someone was already aware of the end of the Royal Couple. According to sources close to both, Kim and her husband had been living completely separate lives for nearly a year. The two, for the sake of the family, began couples therapy. It’s the last resort, the last chance to make their family work. The Kardashians have all said they are close to the major who is facing a very delicate period.

Page Six has announced the couple’s imminent divorce, which would be finalizing negotiations to divide their wealth. Once these formalities are over, the two will announce the decision to their fans. In the last year, there have been several clues that made us think of a definitive breakup, but until today no one had really believed it. But now another bombshell arrives on the rapper, it seems that the reason for the end of his marriage is a very famous beauty guru.

Tik toker Ava Louise reveals the reason for the divorce of the year

The famous tik toker Ava Louise, after the news of the divorce between Kim and Kanye, launched another scoop. According to Ava this news would not be a “scoop” but gives him the assist to reveal interesting details. In the world of beauty, everyone was aware of a secret relationship between Kanye and a very famous beauty guru. The tik toker doesn’t mention any names, but let’s slip a few too many likes.

Ava Louise detonates a bomb which, if confirmed, would have interesting repercussions also in view of the division of the couple’s assets. According to tik toker, the real reason for the divorce is Jeffrey Star. Louise never mentions her name, but she did like some comments that mentioned her name. Kim and Kanye have not yet publicly spoken about their divorce, nor have any of their family members, but after this bombshell, we expect comments.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have not spared themselves, who, as we know, is the most poisonous and most creative. The tik toker video has already become a meme.