Giulia De Lellis has gained weight, but the Befana has nothing to do with it: the fault of a drug


Giulia De Lellis would have gained weight, but don’t worry it’s not the fault of dear Befana. The reason would be the drug she is taking.

Shocking news: Giulia De Lellis has gained weight. This was confirmed by the person concerned, confessing to her followers that the dear and beloved trousers that once fitted her, now no longer fit her. The cause is not the Christmas binges or the stocking of the Epiphany, as you all thinkers have imagined. For almost a year, the Roman influencer has no longer hid her battle against acne, suddenly she had also become the champion of body positivity for having presented herself on the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival with an outburst.

The cause of her “extra pounds ” would be a drug containing cortisone that she is taking precisely to get rid of the acne that marked her physically and mentally. De Lellis has confessed that it is not just a problem that affects the aesthetics, but her condition was very painful. Her face is often inflamed and swollen, Giulia had already tried in the past to get rid of acne with another product, but her battle is still long.

Giulia De Lellis is enjoying her holidays with her new love Carlo Beretta


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The De Lellis not follow even the controversy and digs about her, enjoying her last days of a ski vacation with her family and her new boyfriend Beretta Carlo. The couple made their relationship official during the holidays, at Christmas, the Roman met Carlo’s family. Despite the attacks and criticisms of the influencer’s furs, she seems to enjoy the snow and love of the people around her.

Giulia, as always, shared everything with her fans and kept us talking about being fatter. The pounds were taken, however, would be due to a drug she is taking to get rid of acne. It is no mystery that the Roman suffers a lot from this disease that has tormented her for years, and for some time she has decided to share what she knows to help those in difficulty like her.


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Giulia and Andrea Damante, despite the breakup, continue to have a minimum of relationship and this is due to their dog Tommy who shares just like a son.


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