Fedez actor in Hollywood? “I thought it was a joke”: the story [VIDEO]


In the last few hours, complete with a microphone in plain sight, Fedez has let himself go into a “real” actor’s story: Hollywood at the center of everything.

It’s not every day that you are called to audition. Many of us hope for a lifetime. Then, that call, unfortunately, does not come. Others, on the other hand, take it for fun, thinking that such a situation could be surreal.

One of these was Fedez himself. On the day of the Epiphany, in one of his many live shows with his wife Chiara Ferragni at his side, he told of when, once in Los Angeles, he was called to shoot apart. It was a movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

The Netflix crew got in touch with the singer’s press office to get him to play a “bad” part. Fedez, initially, burst out laughing, only to come to think that everything that was happening to him in a few seconds could make sense.

In Hollywood as an actor: Fedez instantly discarded

The film in question is Murder Misery, which has also been very successful over a period of time. Unlike what Fedez himself says, who admits life, only for his part, that it was not a great film, corrected immediately by his wife.

The first gaffe, in reality, is made at the beginning of the video when the singer states that he was in Los Angeles with Chiara still pregnant. She corrects him in the background: “Actually I had already given birth” Fedez, a little embarrassed, laughs and carries on.

He thought it was yet another joke from Le Irene. The part is not prepared in the least. But, during the journey, the doubt arises: “What if it were true? At that point, however, it is too late. For Fedez of course. Because the audition was real. He, you will see now in the video, tries to improvise some lines. They also compliment him. But the reality is that he will never be called for a position as a “Hollywood actor” again.