Fabrizio Corona and the sudden evil: “Here’s what they did to me”


Fabrizio Corona is not well, interviewed by Libero reveals a curious background, here’s what they did to the former king of the paparazzi

Little is being shown on Instagram  Fabrizio Corona in recent days. The reason? He explained it himself to his many fans by saying that he has severe conjunctivitis at the moment.

Through some Instagram Stories, she showed her really red and inflamed eyes. He shows little on social media because being in front of the camera for a long time causes him discomfort. Contacted by  Libero,  the former king of the paparazzi spoke of his illness and revealed a curious indiscretion.

Fabrizio Corona said he called a psychic, after going to his house with the papers the man discovered that someone made a  macumba against him, so in a few days his life got worse. The former photographer went on to say that it was a real negative energy, but it went away.

Fabrizio Corona shows little on social media, here’s what he said to the fans

Due to the severe form of conjunctivitis  Fabrizio Corona could lose his sight. The former paparazzo is avoiding straining his eyes and that is why he has decided to show himself much less on social media. He probably doesn’t even like being seen with those inflamed eyes.

In the last period, Corona has appeared very calm on social media, he wants to keep a low profile. However, the former photographer on Instagram does not miss an opportunity to sponsor his brand and to show his fans some moments that portray him while he works. He often posts pictures of the meetings he has with his collaborators.

In recent months  Fabrizio Corona has contracted the Coronavirus but fortunately, he has recovered, his many fans hope that he will soon recover from conjunctivitis as well. Despite his particular personality, the former paparazzo is much loved and followed on social media, today he has 1.2 million followers.


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