Emma Stone paparazzi with a friend, the photo leaves no doubt


La La Land star Emma Stone secretly moved partner Dave McCary into 2020. The New Year brought another joy to the couple.

The famous Hollywood star, Emma Stone, is one of the most acclaimed actresses of recent years. Oscar-winner for her performance in La La Land in which she starred alongside Ryan Gosling. But it was neither the first nor the last time that her ninth was approached with such an important recognition. In fact, in 2015 and 2019 she was nominated as a supporting actress for Birdman and La Favorita. The American actress is not very accustomed to the world of social media, in fact, she does not have an Instagram profile and is a very private person. Little or nothing is known about her life, especially when it concerns the intimate sphere.

In 2020 she married her partner Dave McCary she met on the set of SNL in 2016. This, however, was not Stone’s first public relationship, in fact, she was previously linked to a colleague, Andrew Garfield. The two have been engaged for many years, from 2011 to 2015, they were loved by their fans, but sadly their relationship did not end with a happy ending.

Emma Stone pregnant, the first child for the American actress

It seems that the 32-year-old was spotted walking in the company of a close friend from the Daily Mail. The photo shows her caressing her belly, and there is no doubt. The very nice Stone seems to be pregnant. This is the first child for the actress who recently secretly married her partner Dave McCary.

The two met on the SNL set in 2016 and began dating the following year. In 2019, however, the comedian posted a photo on her social profile announcing her engagement with Emma. In short, they are not a very public couple, but they prefer to live their intimacy without the spotlight and without waving it to the rooftops.