Elga Enardu in the hospital: the reason for the hospitalization of the former tronista


Elga Enardu lets her many fans know on Instagram that she was hospitalized, here’s what happened to the former tronista of Men and Women

Yesterday Elga Enardu made her many fans worry a lot. The reason? She ended up in the hospital, who made it known was herself through her Instagram Stories.

Enardu, who became known as a fan for having participated in the Classic Throne of Men and Women as a tronista, explained to her many fans that she had made a series of investigations. Elga then added that it is probably appendicitis, but she was keen to point out that the diagnosis was not yet sure.

Her many fans were worried and filled her with messages to show her their support and affection, so she wanted to thank them for their closeness.

Elga Enardu hospitalized, on Instagram thanks everyone for the support received

Elga Enardu was hospitalized, yesterday through Instagram stories she showed herself with the drip in her arm and thanked everyone for the affection and support.

Many years have passed since Enardu’s participation in  Men and Women,  to date, it continues to be increasingly loved and followed on social media. On her Instagram profile, she has 404 thousand followers. After thanking her followers, Elga was keen to reassure them by saying that she will overcome this too because she is a rock.

The twin Serena Enardu also thanked her many fans for the support and affection received. The two sisters have always been very close, on social media they continually show themselves together. Serena is now more followed than her twin. To make it more visible, the new television experiences lived last year at Temptation Island Vip and  Big Brother Vip.