Elena Morali in slip: “My dramatic moment” [PHOTO]


Elena Morali “undresses” but does it metaphorically on Instagram. The former Pupa shows herself in a provocative outfit but lets herself go to a long confession.

Elena Morali comes out a little by surprise with a strictly personal and intimate confession. And she does it, however, in her own way; showing all its qualities that followers like so much. The former participant of the program La Pupa and the Nerdy, who on the Instagram profile alone has over one million and two hundred thousand followers, shows herself in a sexy and provocative outfit, publishing a photo from some time ago in which she highlights a decidedly neckline ” dangerous “.

Morali appears smiling, as in many other photos she has posted and shared with her followers. Behind that smile, however, there is, indeed there was, something according to the influencer herself. A smile that came in a complicated period of her life and that a few days later would give way to a dramatic moment in her life. The Moral does not elaborate on the matter but remained vague about her personal situation, invites everyone to hold on and not give up, especially in this period so complicated for many people.

Elena Morali “undresses” but the fans see more


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Metaphorically the Moral is bare in front of her fans, she takes off her clothes and deals with an influencer successful model wearing that normal person who suffers and lives a negative period like everyone else. A long intimate and personal post with which she wants to encourage those who are now going through a complicated phase of their life, with a photo that is very similar to many others that Morali has published on social media.

A photo that in a short time has already exceeded 12 thousand likes, with the count increasing by the minute. Many comments of appreciation from followers, with many who appreciate the private ” confession ” of the influencer and former Pupa.