Cecilia Rodriguez plays with the snow: isn’t she cold like this? [PHOTOS]


Cecilia Rodriguez brightened up her fans’ afternoon with one of her sensual posts. The shot in the snow, but everything shines through the suit

She cheered her millions of fans for all the parties, including shots in the mountains, in the snow, in the company of her family and her boyfriend. In today’s post, the wonderful Cecilia Rodriguez in the snowcat version immersed herself in the white of the Trentino mountains 4 shots, one hotter than the other, in which the model plays and has fun among the falling snowflakes while wearing only a suit.

In the first photo, she tries to collect some bows, while she is immortalized in a hot and bewitching suit. The outfit not just from the mountains, complete with a belly on the outside and side b on display. In the third shot, the influencer is seen throwing a snowball at the goal.

Cecilia Rodriguez is a snowcat: delirious fans

Many posts on the snow with Ignazio Moser for the beautiful Cecilia. Always very busy in her work as a fashion blogger and influencer, the woman found a bit of rest, but never got distracted, in the arms of her man in Trentino. After spending Christmas with her family, her sister Belen and also her nephew Santi, the model let herself go in the snow in the company of Moser.

In the last shot, shared a few minutes ago, the woman’s fans poured in between likes and comments. Already more than 60 thousand hearts and 300 comments for Cecilia, who continues to amaze everyone with her extraordinary beauty. A series of very seductive shots on the snow that literally left its 4.3 million fans breathless.