Belen publishes a PHOTO that displaces fans, wearing only a sweater


Belen Rodriguez continues to enchant her followers, she publishes a photo only with a sweater. Love makes her radiant.

The Argentine model is experiencing a magical moment, after finally finding love in the arms of the hairstylist Antonio Spinalbese. But if Belen has moved on, some followers have not been able to leave behind her past stories. Rodriguez is then returned to defend himself in a picture with her Antonio. The couple does not hide, more and more lovers often post photos of them together.

Under their latest photo, which shows them exchanging a passionate kiss, a comment made the Argentine turn up her nose and even bothered to answer it. In the comment, the user alluded to the fact that Belen fell in love easily and that every “ two years ” she changes partners without ever losing the lightheartedness and lightness of the beginning of a new story. The Argentine model responded with a dry comment “ every 4 years “, correcting the “fan”.

Belen Rodriguez and De Martino, the dancer speaks “it’s not a failure”

Belen Rodriguez despite the criticism and controversy in which she finds herself is very followed on Instagram where every photo of her is literally flooded with likes and supportive comments. In the last photo, Belen is wearing only a sweater that barely covers her lower back and leaves her legs uncovered. The photo is in black and white which gives it a touch of nostalgia, its beauty in the simplicity of the bride is disarming.

In the last few hours there has been a lot of talk about his love life and his marriage, this time it was the dancer Stefano De Martino. This year, during the pandemic, the couple had tried again but unfortunately, it did not go well. De Martino confessed that he does not think of his marriage as a failure, it was an important story and the fruit of their love is their son Santiago. Today the dancer considers herself happily single.

The fruit of love with Stefano De Martino will always be present, their little Santiago who is growing and becoming more and more equal to the dancer.