Antonella Mosetti, TikTok in leggings and bra: Crazy [VIDEO]


Antonella Mosetti posted a video that literally drove her followers crazy. The showgirl also launched a provocation.

Antonella Mosetti gave a gift to her almost 700 thousand Instagram followers. She posted a video shot on TikTok where she dances and has fun, all in bra and leggings.

With the hottest songs in the background on the society that is depopulating especially among the very young, the showgirl performed some simple steps. However, what attracted the most attention was certainly her bursting décolleté accentuated by a tattoo right in the center of the neckline.

Antonella Mosetti provocative in the video

Only bra and leggings to show the lean physique with the shapes in the right place and more than a few tattoos. And Mosetti also jokes about it, smiling and sending “subliminal” messages.

Smart people have fun with little and more than others wrote as a comment to the post, perhaps to provoke someone. Who? Her followers, this can be said, certainly appreciated Antonella’s way of having fun, filling her with compliments and messages of affection.

Its hosted on tv that gives a show

Mosetti, dancer and showgirl, is often a guest in Barbara D’Urso’s programs as a columnist. Precisely in the salons of Canale 5 she often gives a show in heated discussions with the various guests. Perhaps the provocation in the commentary on the video could refer to one of her latest “victims”.

On her Instagram profile, Antonella often cheers her followers with provocative shots and videos in which she also shows herself naturally, without makeup.