Anna Falchi covered only by a sheet: web in tilt [PHOTO]

Anna Falchi con la moglie Cena di Natale SS Lazio a Spazio Novecneto a Roma. Roma, 17-12-2019 © Marco Rosi /Fotonotizia

Anna Falchi drives the web crazy with the latest photo published on her Instagram profile. The former model is shown without veils and covered only by a sheet in the post: here are all the details and the reaction of the fans

Anna Falchi never ceases to be very popular and loved on her social profiles. The well-known actress once again drives the web crazy with her latest post covered only by a sheet. Born in Finland, she spends her first years of life in the Scandinavian country, then moves to Italy and her career in the entertainment world is absolutely impressive. Her participation in Miss Italia in 1989 in which she ranks in second place opens the doors to success and allows her to gather a large following among the public.

He starts collaborating and acting with many very successful directors, but she is also a regular guest on several television programs. Her career as a presenter is also important, among which that of the Sanremo Festival in 1995 stands out. Her statuary beauty, light colors, and blond hair remain etched in the collective imagination. And still today, Falchi never ceases to delight everyone with her breathtaking shots.

Anna Falchi covered only by a sheet: the post is breathtaking

One of the events that most made Falchi famous is certainly the well-known striptease on the occasion of Lazio‘s victory of the ScudettoThe actress is in fact a well-known Biancoceleste fan and never misses an opportunity to underline her football faith. On the occasion of today’s victory against Fiorentina, Falchi is naked again on her Instagram profile. Her smile is magnificent, but most of all she is covered only by a sheet. A sexy scenario that certainly does not go unnoticed in the eyes of fans. In the caption, she writes: “And for my party, the Befana, Lazio gave me the first victory of the year 2021!”.


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