Roberta Morise, red dress and vertiginous slit: absurd [PHOTO]

<> on August 27, 2013 in Milan, Italy.

Roberta Morise presents herself in front of her followers with a really elegant red dress and a dizzying slit that highlights all her beauty.

It’s time to focus on the last “day” of these strange, sober, and never lived Christmas holidays. Pass silently, as it should have been at the time of the coronavirus pandemic. The last date that closes the Christmas holidays, and which everyone likes little for precisely this reason, is that of the Epiphany. On the other hand, the saying itself says it: “Epiphany takes away all feasts”.

Not so for someone, who, before the arrival of January 6, shows herself in a really big way. Let’s talk about the TV presenter Roberta Morise. Lately, it looks really big. Even for the after-party, the line is impeccable.

So impeccable that a few hours ago she decided to show herself, once again, in all her elegance and beauty. Her red dress left everyone speechless. Then, in the caption, she wrote something nice, but that she could also know from a veiled announcement.

Roberta Morise in red for Epiphany: with an elegant dress she makes her “comeback”

Two photos. The first from afar, as if she wanted to let her followers enjoy (just for a few moments), the second shot, which comes bursting into the foreground. La Morise is a mix of elegance, sensuality, and pure beauty. The slit, seen in the first photo, reaches up, up to touch the private parts.

But in the caption, you can also read a message from her. Very simple, but precise: “La Befana is coming back”. Obviously, she teases herself a bit, even though she knows that she really has nothing of Befana. Could it be a veiled script to announce the return on some TV show?

Three days ago, however, to welcome this 2021 she presented herself, in the first photo of the new year on Instagram, in a black and white shot. Affirming, with a lot of rhetorical question, the immense strength that resides in our weaknesses . Wise, thoughtful, and always very beautiful.