Paola Turani, eyes of ice: “I only enter this way” [PHOTO]


Paola Turani reappears with a photo on Instagram where her ice eyes are highlighted. Then she admits that something can only enter one way.

Paola Turani gallops like a marvel. Of course, we are not referring to the gallop with the horse. Also because, from what is known around, she is much more fond of dogs. And two are in her sweet company. The gallop refers to her followers, who continue to increase day by day.

It has long since exceeded one and a half million, and this year it is aiming for 2 million. A truly achievable goal, especially when she appears with her frozen eyes, shot in the foreground. Even in the snow, followers’ hearts melt instantly. Other than frost!

But it’s not just the eyes that make people talk in the last photo. Turani said that a typical object can enter, speaking of her, in one and only way. Otherwise, there is nothing to do, indeed, better to leave it alone in the bud.

She shows it together with her icy eyes: Turani is really beautiful


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It’s her hat, her favorite. What she wears when there is a lot of snow around her, but above all so cold, not to mention frost. A hat, however, that can be worn, or if you want stuck in the head, only if you have straight hair. Otherwise no hat. And she, naturally curly, calls to attention, in a joking way, all her “colleagues”“Curly curls understand me, don’t they?”.

And many really understand her on the fly, so much so that they write to her with some smiley face: “Mamma mia Paola, how I understand you. A real nightmare. But we are beautiful like this “.


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Not only beautiful but also very nice. In this other shot, she prepares for the famous snowshoe hike, the walk with snowshoes, and then shows herself in the real shot, perhaps not even halfway through the route. For a truly genuine reality vs Instagram and much appreciated by its followers.