Paola Saulino in red lights: everything comes out of the water [PHOTO]


Paola Saulino continues her performance in Dubai: in the water, she shows herself in an “exuberant” state. Everything comes out and she invites you to discuss her photos.

The year has just begun, but the shows, especially on Instagram, have not ceased to exist. We are certainly not talking about television or theatrical shows, but about those put on by showgirls, models, and influencers of the moment. Show in the form of shots or videos, really spicy. And the more she has, the more she keeps putting.

One of these is definitely Paola Saulino. The influencer, who became famous for her famous Pump Tour in 2016, now has more than one million followers on Instagram. She has always wanted to achieve this and she has succeeded.

For some time now she has been enjoying a few days of work, it is not known what if not that of some shots on Instagram, in Dubai. Well yes: instead of working, Saulino seems to enjoy her work, which is a very different thing. Especially with some shots, in the water, which make it increasingly hot.

In the water you can dance with the Saulino: play your game

One is very little stuff. Three photos seem to have already gone out of fashion, in the end… let’s make six. The number of shots , more than spicy , that Paola Saulino has placed on the official Instagram profile. Always very hot, the Neapolitan influencer, who, with this type of images spouted on her channel, seems to “get by”.

Many have not taken it well, saying that it is not a correct behavior towards those who are locked up at home. Others defended it. In short, everyone has their say, but when there is a vote for the “richest” photo, everyone puts aside their ideas and focuses on something else. They weren’t even a herd of hardened buffalo.

Not just in the pool, with the water boiling. The Saulino shows itself in all its splendor during a dinner that seems to be very elegant. The second photo, on the other hand, never slows her down: her belongings must be placed in plain sight, always.