Martina Stella on high heels: the dress is too short [PHOTO]


Martina Stella publishes a photo on heels and wears a very short dress. The actress has disappeared from television but is super active on social media.

Martina Stella, an Italian actress of Tuscan origins but transplanted to Rome, has a very long career that starts in 2001. Although we see little of her on television today, Martina has not disappeared but has managed to adapt to this world of social media and is very active on her Instagram profile. She is followed by almost half a million followers that she constantly updates, even if she is very reserved about her private life.

The actress had a daughter in 2012 from the relationship with Gabriele Gregorini, between the two things did not go well and since then Martina has not had any other children. The actress after the disappointment with Gregorini has found love again, alongside Andrea Manfredonia. The couple married in 2015 and together they raise Martina’s daughter, little Ginevra. The wife of the actress is a FIFA agent, the son of a famous footballer Lionello Manfredonia, but from an early age, she rejected the world of football.

Martina Stella wears a very short dress, without losing elegance [PHOTO]

Martina Stella posted a new photo on her Instagram profile which immediately received a lot of acclaims. She wears a very short dress, with a pair of purple high heels that slender her figure. The actress is used to post sensual photos, she is not afraid to show her body nor to dare but always does it with an almost innate elegance. It is never vulgar or ” too much”.

In addition to her experiences as an actress on the small screen, big screen, and some appearances even in the theater, Martina has posed for several important campaigns and brands. In her curriculum, she also boasts an appearance, back in 2009 now, on the most famous magazine of the time, PlayBoy. Beautiful, good at acting, and also gets along with dance, which she will have taken from her mother, former ballerina of ballet and modern dance.

There are very few shots with her daughter that Martina gives to the world of social media while preserving the confidentiality and privacy of little Ginevra.