Elisabetta Canalis as beautiful as an angel: she looks like a little girl [PHOTO]


Besides being more and more beautiful, Elisabetta Canalis also looks younger with the passage of time. In her last post, he looks like an angel

To look like an angel it is not necessary to have wings, a “heavenly” presence is enough. It is exactly how Elisabetta Canalis posed herself in her last photo. Although dressed in a simple way, gray jeans and black sweater, the former tissue has a bearing and a look that resembles an angel, especially with her gorgeous blonde hair.

It makes you think of Victoria’s Secret angel. Slightly wavy hair and an intense look. In her latest posts, Elisabetta gives beautiful surprises to her millions of followers, who are more and more loyal and always ready to comment with sweet and affectionate words towards her. Once again, beautiful!


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Elisabetta Canalis, how her love story was born

Recently Elisabetta published an ironic video on social media. Struggling with the stove and a good meal, the showgirl joked and began with “I am a woman to marry. Who wants to marry me? “. Undoubtedly, her followers would not think twice to bring the beautiful former tissue of Striscia la Notizia to the altar. But maybe, in another life!

Elisabetta moved to America a few years ago to follow her current husband, Brian Perri, with whom she married in 2014 in Sassari. But how did you meet the well-known surgeon? To reveal some little secrets about the birth of her love story, it is Elisabetta during an interview a few years ago.

The showgirl, after attending an important event during which she gave a speech, revealed to her agent that she needed a massage because the tension had “strung” her. The woman recommended a surgeon, Brian Perri. Once she saw the photo and met her, Elisabetta did everything to win her over. Goal achieved! The two are still in love as in the past and always remember with pleasure the past adventures in order to be together.


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