Eleonora Rocchini censored by Instagram: the video triggers the controversy


Eleonora Rocchini did not spare the controversy for the latest decision by Instagram against her: the former suitor of ‘Men and Women’ has been censored. Here are the reason and all the details of the story

Eleonora Rocchini is known to stand out on her Instagram profile. The former suitor of Men and Women is at the center of the controversy and has vented hard in the last hours. Chaos breaks out over a hot post posted on her profile. The social networks are based on rules rather stringent and even Instagram is not far behind. It is known, in fact, for some of its restrictive policies that do not look even some of its most famous and loyal users in the face. This time it was Rocchini who fell into the complaint, but she doesn’t fit in.

The fashion influencer has risen to prominence in recent years after her participation in ‘Men and Women’ in 2016 as Oscar Branzani’s suitor. In the same edition of Giulia De Lellis, Eleonora was particularly highlighted. She broke into the heart of Chiari Biasi’s ex-boyfriend to become her choice. Now the two have parted, but Rocchini’s success does not stop.

Eleonora Rocchini against Instagram: vitriolic stories after censorship

Rocchini is not there and exposes herself in a decidedly harsh way against the well-known social network that has decided to censor an influencer with a verified profile and a million followers. In a vitriolic story, the former suitor declares: “ I and all my staff are disconcerted because we see the worst filth and for a nude video, where I do not find any vulgarity, I was censored. I think there is a difference between showing your body and being a pig ”. Then she goes on comparing her post to some decidedly pushy photos of other users on Instagram and announces: “I’ll put the post back in peace”. She even adds: “Instagram must delete me, it must block my profile. I have to fight ”.Here are the stories in which the influencer unleashes.


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