Alice Campello, sweet effusions: the fans are moved [PHOTOS]


Alice Campello on her Instagram profile posts a series of shots where she exchanges sweet effusions with her son Leonardo, the post moves her fans

Alice Campello returns to enchant her many fans on Instagram, this time however it is not a sensual and provocative shot. The latest post published by the beautiful and well-known influencer is in fact full of sweetness and love.

Last night the former model posted a series of shots in which she shows herself together with little Leonardo, her third child born from her beautiful love story with the well-known footballer Alvaro Morata. In the photos Campello holds her baby in her arms, in the first shot, she kisses him with infinite sweetness. The sweet effusions moved the many followers of Lady Morata.

Alice Campello on Instagram never goes unnoticed, today she is one of the best known and most followed influencers. There are many shots that make her full of likes and compliments, photos where she shows herself sensual and provocative. Even family photos drive her followers crazy every time. The former model and Alvaro Morata are more in love than ever, the two got married and had three children, their family is wonderful.

Alice Campello exchanges sweet effusions with her son, fans like the post

Alvaro Morata’s wife is wonderful, she is increasingly loved and followed on social media, today she has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

The former model has her own brand, ‘ masqmai’, and is the testimonial of many brands. Besides being a famous influencer she is also a wonderful mother and wife. On social media she often posts family photos that excite her many followers, her three children are wonderful.

The last post published last night on Instagram where she shows herself together with her son Leonardo is really pleasing the fans. The series of shots in which sweet effusions are exchanged moved the followers of  Alice Campello. The post has already won 182 thousand likes and lots of comments full of affection and compliments.