Sandra Milo on Domenica In: “I’m engaged”, Mara Venier doesn’t hold back


The well-known television actress, Sandra Milo, confessed on live TV, a guest on Domenica In, to be engaged. Venier can’t contain herself.

Salvatrice Elena Greco, in art and known by all as the great Sandra Milo, yesterday was a guest of Maria Venier in her television living room. She intervened in connection in the segment dedicated to the horoscope when Paolo Fox was intent on revealing the fate of all the zodiac signs. The astrologer has communicated that this is the time to recover the feelings.

At that point, the actress asked if there was a new love insight, and the TV host couldn’t contain a chuckle. Soon after he cornered the 86-year-old by asking her a very specific question, “Are you still engaged?”.

Sandra Milo confesses she is in love: ” My love is in Veneto”

The actress confessed that she is still happily engaged to Alessandro Rorato. In fact, the TV presenter, Mara Venier, as an expert as she is, wasted no time and caught the ball when Milo asked if there was a new love on the horizon. The Venetian entered the subject by asking the actress if the relationship with her partner was still alive.

In response, Sandra Milo said that her love is in Veneto and their relationship is stronger than ever. In fact, Rorato also gave a ring to his partner, which ironically has confessed: ” Evo say inferior to the other value.” In short, it seems that on the horizon there is nothing but love for the actress of Tunisian origin who, despite her age, has absolutely not given up on the happiness and joy that come from a relationship. Even Paul Fox reassured Milo announcing that “c I will be good months for love.”