Rosa Perrotta, crisis overcome with Pietro? The latest gesture gives fans hope


Rosa Perrotta and Pietro Tartaglione spent Christmas separated, after weeks the couple born to Men and Women leave their crisis behind?

We go back to talking about  Rosa Perrotta and Pietro Tartaglione, a  couple born a few years ago at the Classic Throne of Men and Women, since that moment they have never separated.

After the choice, the two soon went to live together, they were planning their wedding but postponed it when Perrotta discovered she was pregnant. In fact, their son Domenico was born from their beautiful love, mom and dad call him Dodo. The couple had made it known that they would get married after the birth of their child but to date, they are not yet married.

In recent weeks  Pietro Tartaglione and Rosa Perrotta have not gone through an easy moment, some couple of problems have put their love at risk. The most attentive fans had immediately understood that something was wrong between them, the former tronista did not reveal to them what it is but recently on Instagram he admitted that there is some problem between them. The companion of Perrotta has not broken the silence on social media.

Rosa Perrotta and Pietro Tartaglione spent Christmas separated, she and her son went to her family, while the former suitor went to her family. Are things better between them after weeks of crisis? To suggest it was a gesture of the former tronista.

Has a crisis overcome between Rosa Perrotta and Pietro? The gesture of the former tronista suggests so

Yesterday on her Instagram Stories, Perrotta showed a piece of an interview she gave in 2017 to Vero TV  during her participation in  Men and Women. Rosa had made it known that in the show she hoped to fall in love again, she wanted to meet the man of her life and start a beautiful family. While filming these statements, she turned the camera towards a photo where she is seen with Pietro and Dodo.

With her gesture,  Rosa Perrotta  has let fans understand that she has realized her dream, that of finding the man of her life and creating a family with him. The former tronista has also added a heart to the story, many think that with his gesture he wanted to let people know that his crisis with Pietro has been overcome. Will it really be so? At the moment Perrotta has not revealed any details to the fans, we just have to wait to find out how things are going today with the partner.