Nicolo Zaniolo makes a final decision after the Ghenea: “Goodbye”


The Roma player, Nicolò Zaniolo,  was trapped in a series of events and rumors that did not help him. His decision is final.

The very young Roma midfielder, Nicolo Zaniolo, perhaps given his age, was involved in a series of gossip and rumors that he could not manage. According to various newspapers, it seems that the 21-year-old had declared that he was currently engaged to actress Madalina Ghenea. The Romanian, however, immediately wanted to clarify and dot the i’s.

In fact, through an Instagram post, he published a letter from his lawyers in which he declared that he had only met the footballer once through friends of friends. In addition, she added that she has repeatedly specified that she is not in love and that no boyfriend has been in any relationship for months. It seems that the actress did not digest the various rumors well and wanted to silence once and for all the rumors that were becoming more and more insistent.

The Roma player definitively abandons social media

After several backs and forth via social media, it seems that the 21-year-old has not withstood the weight of the world of gossip and entertainment. Unfortunately, this is an environment that can completely suck you in if you don’t know how to defend yourself and most likely Zaniolo wasn’t ready. In fact, he decided to abandon his social profiles and devote himself solely to his passion.

“My life is on the pitch,” he wrote in his latest Instagram post. Nicolo confessed that he got too caught up in the superficial part that comes from his work. Furthermore, he added that moving away from this world will do him more than good and will allow him to give his best on the pitch. “Disconnect my account, via hug” with this last sentence the player leaves his social profiles for good.