Matilde Brandi with her daughters: as beautiful as their mother [PHOTO]


Matilde Brandi on her Instagram profile shows herself together with her daughters, Sofia and Aurora, they are only 14 years old and are as beautiful as their mother

Matilde Brandi returns to attract the attention of her many fans. Last night on her Instagram profile she published two photos where she shows herself together with her daughters, Aurora and Sofia, born from her relationship with her partner Marco Costantini. All three are wonderful.

The daughters of the former contestant of the fifth edition of  Big Brother Vip are twins and are 14 years old. Growing up they are becoming more and more beautiful, they look a lot like mom. Both are blondes and have very similar bodies to Brandi’s. They also have a smile and a look very similar to that of the former dancer.

Matilde Brandi has always been keen to clarify that her daughters are her greatest love, after their birth she also put her career on hold to devote herself completely to them. In the past, the former gieffina has achieved a lot of success and visibility, but over time she has moved away from the world of entertainment and television.

Matilde Brandi in love with her daughters, Aurora and Sofia are more and more like her

For years  Matilde Brandi has been away from television, many were really happy to see her participate in  Big Brother Vip. For weeks the griffin has left the most spied house in Italy, together with the other former competitors she shows up in the studio during the evening shows.

The former gieffina never goes unnoticed, today she is 51 but time never seems to pass for her. Brandi is in fact more and more beautiful, her body is breathtaking. Her daughters have undoubtedly inherited her beauty, at the age of 14 they are already as beautiful as their mother.

Last night  Matilde Brandi showed herself together with her daughters on Instagram, in the photos posted they wear very elegant dresses, they are breathtaking. The shots are very much liked by the fans of the former dancer, the post has so far won more than 24 thousand likes and many comments full of compliments and affection. Many think that Sofia and Aurora look a lot like their mother, they are both beautiful.