Giovanna Abate, as beautiful as a painting: “With her head there” [PHOTO]


The former suitor and tronista of Men and Women, Giovanna Abate, publishes a series of shots that leave everyone breathless. As beautiful as a painting.

The Canale 5 audience knew her as a suitor and then a tronista in the program conducted by Maria De Filippi. Unfortunately, Giovanna Abate’s experiences both ended without a happy ending. The first time, when she was courting Giulio Raselli, she managed to make the final choice. Unfortunately, the trona preferred her rival Giulia D’Urso, it seems that even for them it did not end well, in fact, their relationship would seem to have already ended.

Subsequently, the presenter was pleasantly impressed by the personality of the Roman and decided to give her a second chance to find love by offering her the throne. The Abate was one of the first tronista to have to face the path of trying to abide by the anti-Covid-19 rules and regulations. Eventually, she came with a heart beating for only one person, namely Sammy Hassan. The boy decided to leave the program with her, but the two lasted as long as a cat on the ring road.

The former tronista of Men and Women drives the web crazy


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Giovanna Abate publishes a series of photographs that make their followers lose their minds. It seems to have come out of a painting so much its beauty seems to be unattainable. The make-up highlights the blue of her eyes which completely captures all the attention. In its caption, there are some sentences that are implied, but which clearly refer to someone special.

In fact, the Roman wrote, “that all our folks may finally turn into, with their heads there”. It seems that she is sending messages to a person with whom she most likely would like to build a future together. From 2021 the Abbot expects a lot of love according to what she admitted in this post.


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Giovanna Abate’s “eventful” New Year’s Eve.


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